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There is a new chinese restaurant (at least new to me) here in DC that has TVP. They have TVP beef and chicken, and these dishes get 4 stars from me. They also have many tasty tofu dishes (hunan tofu being my favorite) and if you order spring rolls, they usually give you a couple free (well they have given me a couple free every time I order. Not sure if it is the norm, but that has been my experience). Sushi is also available and they have my favorite, inari.

There is a $10 minimum delivery fee for free delivery, but it's well worth it.


ive been eating tofurkeys for quite some time now and for some reason this year i just couldnt get into it. it actually made me feel a little sick. i could blame it on my dad, but honestly his vegan culinary skills are pretty good.
i enjoiyed the many side dishes, though.

maybe next year i will try to make my own vegan turkey but for now i think ill stick to the mashed taters, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc.

so long tofurkey, you have been a staple in my thanksgivings for years.
you'll be missed.


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