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Yum Upgrade Fedora 8 to 10

Fedora 8 goes EOL next week, so it's time to upgrade. A yum upgrade is not the recommended way to upgrade, but it can work fine. The simpler a system is, the more likely this method is to succeed.

I just successfully upgraded my Fedora 8 text-only firewall and samba server using yum. Here are my notes from the process.


Expanding an Encrypted Filesystem with LVM and Fedora 10

My encrypted home directory on my Fedora 10 laptop is filling up.
Let's expand it.

[root@seitan ~]# df -h /home
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                       14G   13G  862M  94% /home

First identify the logical volume beneath this encrypted LUKS device.

[root@seitan ~]# grep CryptHome /etc/crypttab 
CryptHome /dev/VolGroup00/LVCryptHome none luks,check=ext2,retry=5

Then see what is available in LVM.

[root@seitan ~]# lvs


Homemade Vegan Unturkey 2008

2008 Version

2007 Version

Upon discovering the unturkey recipe last year, we created one for our vegan friends thanksgiving dinner. Here is how the 2008 bake went.

Thanks to Unturkey.org for the recipes!


  • Gather the Ingredients
  • Gind Up Spice Mix
  • Mix the Gluten
  • Pre-Bake the Gluten
  • Make the Stuffing
  • Boil the Gluten
  • Stuff and Wrap the Bird
  • Bake the Bird


Fedora 10 Upgrade Experience

I just upgraded my laptop to Fedora 10, and it looks great now, but there were some snags. I'll try to dig into them later and see if they are bugzilla worthy.

For now I'll try to do a brain dump. I had problems with encrypted logical volumes, grub needed manual setup, my wireless device name changed.

Crypt FS Problem

Before the upgrade, I was running Fedora 9 with a drive layout as follows:

  • sda1 as windows
  • sda2 as /boot
  • sda3 as a VG holding everything else
    • LVCryptHome was a LUKS volume holding /home


She Loves Her Vegan Pop Tarts

What do you do when your local co-op seems to stop carrying your favorite (and only) vegan pop tarts?

If you're Jill, you order a whole case from Amazon.


The Tall Bike Project Begins

Well, I have 2 frames now. Thanks to the embattled Bike Church. I found a frame just like the complete junker I had sitting in the garage. Now I need to connect them.

I've seen different designs that join the head tubes and then join a long steering tube inside. Joining the head tubes seems much wiser than just the steering tube.


Enable LDAP Authentication from Fedora to Zimbra

I have a Zimbra email server which contains a LDAP server housing all my users and their passwords. I would like to enable single signon for my linux machines. The only account details I'll be using from LDAP are the username and password.

The last time I did this, I did it the hard way and modified files in /etc/pam.d by hand. Using the authconfig command is much more convenient.

The following has been tested on Fedora 9.

Configure PAM


I'm Learning to Weld

I started taking a welding class 2 Thursdays ago. My plan is to buildz me a tall bike once I get some mad skillz!


Working on Fedora 10 Virtualization Release Notes

I've been writing the Fedora Weekly News Virtualization Beat for several weeks now, and I've recently volunteered to work on the portion of Fedora 10 release notes which cover virtualization features.

Tea and Knitting Season

Just this weekend it was over 100 degrees, and today it was quite comfortable. Tonight on the dog walk it was actually very cool. The cool air and the sound of the wind are making me nostalgic for fall and the dark rainy winter.


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