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Installing Oracle Instant Client on Fedora 9 and PHP

Based on: Apache, PHP, Oracle Instant Client on Fedora 8 (64-bit) and Installing PHP and the Oracle 10g Instant Client for Linux and Windows.

I downloaded the instant client RPMs from Oracle to my local private yum repo that I use for in-house packages. Doesn't everyone have one of those? Then all ya gotta do is...


Recursive Logical Volume Management for Xen dom0

I had some trouble removing an dom0 LV used as a domU VG after mounting it to look inside that VG (for background on this setup, see this post). I wasn't sure what steps I had taken, so I decided to reboot the dom0 to clear the decks and did the following experiment.

The goal was to create an LV and stack upon that a VG containing an LV and then remove these devices to get back where we started. And maybe to learn something along the way.

My Third Knit Cap

I finally finished knitting my third cap. I started it back in April when I was visiting Portland. I used this pattern again, and I also stuck with the 2nd Time recycled cotton yarn.


Look, Ma! No eyebrow!


It was time to harvest the hair again. I decided I'd go for an extreme makeover and pay for a salon cut rather than the typical "shave it all off myself" I do every couple years. Looks a little different hu?

The Davis Turkeys Persist

We head they were relocating the Turkeys, and we haven't seen them for quite a while. After walking the dogs we found them on the end of our street this morning. Yay!


My New Favorite Vodcast - Cocktails on the Fly

My new favorite vodcast is Cocktails on the Fly with Alberta Straub. Of course it's my only vodcast. Miss Flighty is a little eccentric, but she enjoys what she's doing and provides a lot of good info. Check it out!


Access to logical volumes in domU from the dom0

I currently run a Fedora 8 dom0 with Fedora 9 domU's primarily. I'm working on exactly how I wish to configure the disk layout, but here is how to configure each domU on it's own logical volume, configure further logical volumes within that domU, and how to access those logical volumes from the host dom0.

Treat yourself to some Muqtada

This struck me as funny when I logged on to Amazon today.


Revenge Sucks

Christine finally got me back for her talking computer with 2 of these annoyatrons inside the computers in my office. I'm such a dedicated worker, that I just ignored them rather than disrupt my productivity by seeking out the source of the sound for 7 or 8 weeks and 1 battery change.


Less Than Happy Day

Me today, after taking my BSCI for the second time.



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