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50 Cent Diabetes Refills

At they ASS they made the mistake of offering soda refills for 50 cents when you bring your own cup. They don't know who I work with. If they can down a 32oz Rockstar in no time, what do you think they'll do with the Dew? Hector's 64oz cup was was impressive, but nothing compared to M2's huggable 100oz monster!

Teddy Bear Knit from Lead

Teddy Bear Knit from Lead

We were in Indy last week and stopped by the Mass Ave. Knit Shop (which is on Virginia Ave. BTW) and saw a flier for the Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting exhibit at the Indiana State Museum.


Free Internet Haircut

Jill got a nifty haircut on freecycle! Look how pretty.

Portland Visit 2008

Vegan Mini-mall

We visited Portland this weekend. Vegan options everywhere. Dog friendly everything. Bike friendly streets. Apparently cheap compared to here. Everyone seemed friendly. Did I mention the vegan stuff?

Great Day of Riding

Went up to Auburn to shuttle with Myke and Steve Sunday. It was an awesome day. I think we got 7 runs in. Myke flatted at the very end, but no other mechanicals.


Davis Almost World Record Bike Parade

We went to the 2008 Davis World's Largest Bicycle Parade attempt. We needed to break 1901, but only got about 1838. You better help out next year!


Crowded Shuttles


My Second Knit Cap

I knit my second cap as a gift for my friend Ellis. I used 2nd Time recycled cotton yarn.

Some people prefer to drop the rib and go back to stockenette when they begin decreasing. I like to try to carry the rib all the way to the peak, but it makes it a bit more of a challenge.


Backup to Encrypted USB Key Fob

I described creating an Encrypted USB Key Fob previously. Here is a script I use to backup my data to it. It rsyncs a few directories and will also download your calendar and contacts from Zimbra if you are so blessed.

Just put this script on the key in bin/backup. Put the key in each computer and cd to /mnt/disk/bin and run the script. If you are not prompted for the password when you insert the key run 'sudo /sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb1 dm-usb'.




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