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Unturkey Lives!

Thanksgiving 1999

My friend Penney just pointed out to me that the recipe for Unturkey can be found online at unturkey.org!


Speaking of Vegan Cupcakes

Jill is a great cook and lucky for me she enjoys baking. Here are pictures of some of her cupcake creations. All the recipes are from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.



TV Party Review

Amazing Race / Survivor TV Party was burrito themed at C & B's tonight. Complete wtih margarita cupcakes and margaritas.

Frosti didn't see it coming...

(Cupcakes pictured are an approximation of the real cupcakes.)

Stitch N' Bitch Sequestration

Jill's having a stitch n' bitch tonight, so I'm confined to the bedroom listening to the Nevada Democratic debate on XM and being frustrated with Drupal.

That's me over there knitting my first bar rag. It's not a dish rag because I use it to set my gin bottle on.


Do I Like this Drupal Thing?

I just installed Drupal so I could play with a lazy way to update online content and maybe start putting useless stuff on the web more regularly. Well, I'm not sure it's going to let me be lazy.

I've always been a vi kinda guy and always wrote HTML from scratch. I've never been one for making pretty web pages, and I haven't had the patience to write HTML for quite a while. These days I write mostly in MediaWiki and mostly just boring documentation.

My First Knit Cap

I knit my first hat a couple of weeks ago. It's 2nd Time 75% recycled Cotton. So far I've also made a scarf and two dish towels. :)


Radioactive Tofu

During my trip to Whistler this summer we stopped for food in some podunk canadian town on the way up. While the meat eaters ate BK, I got some mystery tofu from the chinese restaurant next door. Wow that's red and oily!

Yea.. I didn't eat much of it.

Welcome to the past

Hey everybody! I have a blog.


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