Teddy Bear Knit from Lead

Teddy Bear Knit from Lead

We were in Indy last week and stopped by the Mass Ave. Knit Shop (which is on Virginia Ave. BTW) and saw a flier for the Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting exhibit at the Indiana State Museum.

It was pretty interesting, but not as much knitting as I hoped for. Here are a few pics.

Dress Knit from Dollars

Items Knit from Newspaper

Teeny Tiny Sweaters



The more interesting you will find in tourist attractions. The main thing museum itself is interested to visit with family and friends. Knitting items are very attractive and the best example of craftsmanship. Knitting stuff is not only attracting the adult, but also for children because I am sure any of the children can be lured byTeddy Bear.


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