My Second Knit Cap

I knit my second cap as a gift for my friend Ellis. I used 2nd Time recycled cotton yarn.

Some people prefer to drop the rib and go back to stockenette when they begin decreasing. I like to try to carry the rib all the way to the peak, but it makes it a bit more of a challenge.

The pattern is basically: On size 7 needles cast on 88 stitches and K2 P2 rib around, change colors every 5 rows, after 9 bands of color (45 rows) begin to decrease.

I did the first row in this 10th band normally (K2,P2) and then began decreasing.

Cast On 88 stitches.

Repeat until 9 stripes:
Using MC yarn
*K2,P2, repeat 5 rows to make one stripe
Change to CC yarn
*K2,P2, repeat 5 rows to make another stripe

One more row before decrease:
Change to MC yarn
*K2,P2, repeat *

Begin decrease for the crown:
*K2,P2,K2,P2tog, repeat * (7+8tog)
*K2,P2,K2,P1, repeat *
*K2,P2,K1,P2tog, repeat * (6+7tog)
*K2,P2,K1,P1, repeat *

Move to double points.
Change to MC yarn
*K2,P2,K2tog, repeat * (5+6tog)
*K2,P2,K1, repeat *
*K2,P1,P2tog, repeat * (4+5tog)
*K2,P2, repeat *
*K2,P2tog, repeat * (3+4tog)

Change to CC yarn
*K2,P1, repeat *
*K2tog,P1 repeat * (2+3tog)
*K1,P1, repeat *
*K2tog, repeat * (1+2tog)
*K2tog, repeat * (1+2tog)

With 6 stitches left on the needles, cut the yarn, thread the end through the stitches and sinch it tight.



Actually, I like organic handmade product. Especially I am lured by hem product because it is said the hem products are completely organic and good for health. Besides, I like modern branded wears like naot shoes. Anyway, knitting cap is completely traditional way to make garment and I would love to use such product as well.


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