My MoveOn Vote is for Obama is having an election today to determine who they will back in the Democratic primary starting this weekend. I just cast my ballot for Obama. Here is the reason I gave:

My first choice was Edwards. I'm now somewhat torn between Clinton and Obama.

Obama's comment on Reagan and saying the republicans had all the ideas for 15 years made Hillary my second choice.

However, Hillary's attempt to cheat and claim Michigan and Florida delegates is beyond the pale. I don't remember her arguing with the DNC before the primary.

I'm giving Barack the benefit of the doubt and voting for him.



The vote favored Senator Obama to Senator Clinton by 70.4% to 29.6%.

Obama mama fo sama, la bama ma mama obama sama fama bo bama dama lama rack rack bo rack baracka racka fo fack, bam wham ba rack, ooooooo bama.
Just saw my first primary ad, Romney is nailing Clinton on Fox! He's the candidate for change, or leadership, or something! Go go go!
You had a misspelling in the phrase beyond the pail, and it wasn't beyond or the. There are zero misspellings in this comment. nyah nyah!


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