Revenge Sucks

Christine finally got me back for her talking computer with 2 of these annoyatrons inside the computers in my office. I'm such a dedicated worker, that I just ignored them rather than disrupt my productivity by seeking out the source of the sound for 7 or 8 weeks and 1 battery change.

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You really have to wonder at the petty, vindictive mind that would come up with something like that. This sort of backhanded attack borders on sociopath aggression, which is fine and dandy as long as it's QUIET. Eight weeks, ay caramba. Do you think it had any effect on your BCIS results? Maybe you could sue UC Davis for not providing a safe working environment or somethin. Damn dude, you must have thought you had a strange case of tinnitus that only hit in small bursts while you were in the office. I'm curious if Christine was always this cruel, or has she been warped by the local work environment?

Wow, i really had to muscle through the other comments here, make way guys!

Ah eight weeks of bliss. Play a prank on Dale Bewley? Never happen. I am only sorry that it did not last another week or two so that I could put two more in Dale's office and create a surround sound effect. What can I say? I am a product of my environment. It must be a combination of work environment and the friends I keep that makes me this cruel.


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