Fedora 10 Upgrade Experience

I just upgraded my laptop to Fedora 10, and it looks great now, but there were some snags. I'll try to dig into them later and see if they are bugzilla worthy.

For now I'll try to do a brain dump. I had problems with encrypted logical volumes, grub needed manual setup, my wireless device name changed.

Crypt FS Problem

Before the upgrade, I was running Fedora 9 with a drive layout as follows:

  • sda1 as windows
  • sda2 as /boot
  • sda3 as a VG holding everything else
    • LVCryptHome was a LUKS volume holding /home
    • LVSwap was crypted with a random key

Anaconda did ask for the LUKS password on LVHome, and did unlock the volume as /dev/mapper/luks-8d3ad52a-1788-496a-8290-7e8a32de37cd. I was able to mount it by hand on vt3. Anaconda tried to mount /dev/mapper/CryptHome anyway and failed.
Anaconda Error Screen

I think it actually tried mounting the encrypted LV VolGroup00-LVCryptHome.
VT Log Screen

As the release notes state, you now have to (annoyingly and obfuscationally (if you ask me)) use UUIDs in fstab. My fstab had:

/dev/mapper/CryptHome   /home  ext3  defaults  1 2

So I found the UUID of /dev/mapper/CryptHome with the `blkid` command and changed fstab to:

UUID=8d3ad52a-1788-496a-8290-7e8a32de37cd  /home  ext3  defaults  1 2

It then bombed with a similar error about my swap volume being referenced in fstab by mapper name instead of UUID.

I fixed that. Upgrade then completed, but on reboot there was no entry for /home or swap in fstab.

I added the above UUID line back, but /home would not mount until I changed fstab back to the original:

/dev/mapper/CryptHome   /home  ext3  defaults  1 2

Perhaps my cryptab format isn't appropriate. I do not recall if I encrypted these volumes during F9 install (I think so) or by hand. I think I did do swap by hand, I'm not sure the F9 install supports taht. I'll have to consider that tomorrow. Mine looks like this:

CryptHome /dev/VolGroup00/LVCryptHome none luks,check=ext2,retry=5
swap	/dev/VolGroup00/LVSwap 	/dev/urandom	swap,cipher=aes-cbc-essiv:sha256


As usual (for me anyway) after an upgrade I was greeted with a 'grub>' prompt rather than a booting system. Let's fix that:

grub> root (hd0,2)
grub> setup (hd0,2)


After boot my wlan0 device wasn't present, but a wlan1 with no ESSID was there. I copied ifcfg-wlan0 to ifcfg-wlan1 and an ifup wlan1 got me online.


I just started 319M of updates, and am calling it a night.

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