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Backup to Encrypted USB Key Fob

I described creating an Encrypted USB Key Fob previously. Here is a script I use to backup my data to it. It rsyncs a few directories and will also download your calendar and contacts from Zimbra if you are so blessed.

Just put this script on the key in bin/backup. Put the key in each computer and cd to /mnt/disk/bin and run the script. If you are not prompted for the password when you insert the key run 'sudo /sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb1 dm-usb'.



It's a 2002 and a Half

Sean and I rode the clementine loop yesterday. It was a wonderful sunny day. I noticed a couple loads of youngsters doing shuttles and that combined with my performance last week while riding the same trail with Sean and Myke made me feel a bit old.

One of the kids said "That's an old Bullit". I replied "It's a 2002.... and a half.".


When Turkeys Attack

Jill saw a flock of about 20 females and 3 males just a few doors down this
morning. Apparently the males didn't like her being there and started to
aproach. I wish I could get her to take the video cam down there, but she
didn't want to create an embarrassing scene of turkeys chasing her down the


Time To Renew My CCNP Again

My CCNP is up for renewal again.

I'm not sure why I keep this cert up to date, but I feel like I can't just let it lapse. I got my CCNA in 1999 and I've been a CCNP since 2002. It's kinda fun to have a something to study for anyway I guess.


My MoveOn Vote is for Obama is having an election today to determine who they will back in the Democratic primary starting this weekend. I just cast my ballot for Obama. Here is the reason I gave:

My first choice was Edwards. I'm now somewhat torn between Clinton and Obama.

Obama's comment on Reagan and saying the republicans had all the ideas for 15 years made Hillary my second choice.

However, Hillary's attempt to cheat and claim Michigan and Florida delegates is beyond the pale. I don't remember her arguing with the DNC before the primary.


Fun With Facial Hair

I've been growing a beard for a couple months now I guess. Jill was starting to complain about it daily, so I finally shaved it off today. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to have a big honking stache for a least a little while though.


That Can Not Be Good For You


Vector of Death Flu

Everyone around me is getting sick. Massive vomiting and diarrhea. I've been safe so far. I think I tracked the source of the illness.


Friendly Spoken RT Ticket Reminders

On Friday before the long New Year's holiday weekend I thought I'd help out Christine by hacking her computer to remind her of her open RT tickets by reading the subjects out loud in her headphones every hour. The effect is quite hilarious. I just keep playing dumb and she keeps guessing why it's happening. :)



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