By the power of soy!

Happy Thanksgiving

We're not having a traditional dinner today, we usually don't. We've celebrated thanksgiving on the weekend afterwards with friends; vegan, vegetarian, and otherwise for years. The tradition started when we were in college. Additionally my birthday sometimes falls on thanksgiving and Jill's follows soon after so it also makes for a time-saving triple combo.




Well I tried Stðk: a black coffee shot. A shot of energy. Though the unsweetened has an odd bitterness and the sweet is only slightly sweet, the energy is worth it. As a matter of fact, I instantly looked for a place to buy a box of this stuff. Having woken up too late to have coffee every morning this week, it strikes me as a good idea to have some of this handy. Perhaps a dispenser next to the bed...


Turkey Spotting

On my ride to work this morning I ran into a flock of turkeys at Chestnut Park I counted 30 I believe. Here is a grainy picture from my phone.

Finer Things Club

Well Dale and I have started the finer things club here in the Systems department. We bring in our knitting and have our fancy dishes (note the bowl in the foreground) to use for our lunches. That's me knitting a scarf for my Uncle.



Last week as we were getting ready for work, Brian asked me, "Now that everything is falling apart, what is your plan?" My first thought was that by everything he meant the state of our climate and politics. I initially answered, "Move to Canada." However, I keep thinking about the consequences of trying to extract oil from the tar sands, soo perhaps Malmö, Sweden is a better place to go. (Photo from BBC)


What about

I've had this domain sine 1997 and I've never done anything very interesting with it. I'm trying to decide what I want to do with this whole blog and drupal thingy. I'm thinking about moving all this to and opening it up for the world. For the moment I guess I'll keep getting accustomed to the software and ponder where I want to split personal and communal content, if there is such a split.

Unturkey Lives!

Thanksgiving 1999

My friend Penney just pointed out to me that the recipe for Unturkey can be found online at!


Speaking of Vegan Cupcakes

Jill is a great cook and lucky for me she enjoys baking. Here are pictures of some of her cupcake creations. All the recipes are from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.



TV Party Review

Amazing Race / Survivor TV Party was burrito themed at C & B's tonight. Complete wtih margarita cupcakes and margaritas.

Frosti didn't see it coming...

(Cupcakes pictured are an approximation of the real cupcakes.)

Dancin shoes are dusty

Here is the dancer extraordinaire back in the days when we used to dance every day. My dancin shoes are dusty...



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