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Homemade Vegan Unturkey 2008

2008 Version

2007 Version

Upon discovering the unturkey recipe last year, we created one for our vegan friends thanksgiving dinner. Here is how the 2008 bake went.

Thanks to for the recipes!


  • Gather the Ingredients
  • Gind Up Spice Mix
  • Mix the Gluten
  • Pre-Bake the Gluten
  • Make the Stuffing
  • Boil the Gluten
  • Stuff and Wrap the Bird
  • Bake the Bird


She Loves Her Vegan Pop Tarts

What do you do when your local co-op seems to stop carrying your favorite (and only) vegan pop tarts?

If you're Jill, you order a whole case from Amazon.


Portland Visit 2008

Vegan Mini-mall

We visited Portland this weekend. Vegan options everywhere. Dog friendly everything. Bike friendly streets. Apparently cheap compared to here. Everyone seemed friendly. Did I mention the vegan stuff?

That Can Not Be Good For You


The Last Unchicken

We ate the last unchicken that's been sitting in our freezer since Now And Zen went out of business. Now that we know how to make them it didn't seem quite so special.

I'm still planning to make several and stuff them in the freezer.


Unturkey 2007

Well, the unturkey came out great! Getting it to unroll will take a bit of tweaking. Jill says we won't use that stuffing recipe next time. We used her own gravy recipe too.


Home Made Unturkey

Upon discovering the unturkey recipe we decided to create one for our vegan friends thanksgiving dinner. It turned out quite well. We had 8 people and a ton of leftover turkey. I can't wait to modify the recipe and make a bunch of little unchickens for the freezer. Here's how it we did it.

Step 1. Obtain the yuba (AKA bean curd skin).



ive been eating tofurkeys for quite some time now and for some reason this year i just couldnt get into it. it actually made me feel a little sick. i could blame it on my dad, but honestly his vegan culinary skills are pretty good.
i enjoiyed the many side dishes, though.

maybe next year i will try to make my own vegan turkey but for now i think ill stick to the mashed taters, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc.

so long tofurkey, you have been a staple in my thanksgivings for years.
you'll be missed.


Almost "Thanksgiving"

We've been busy getting ready for tomorrow. The unturkey is in the process of being constructed. The most important item for tomorrow is already in the freezer. :)


Happy Thanksgiving

We're not having a traditional dinner today, we usually don't. We've celebrated thanksgiving on the weekend afterwards with friends; vegan, vegetarian, and otherwise for years. The tradition started when we were in college. Additionally my birthday sometimes falls on thanksgiving and Jill's follows soon after so it also makes for a time-saving triple combo.




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