Portland Visit 2008

Vegan Mini-mall

We visited Portland this weekend. Vegan options everywhere. Dog friendly everything. Bike friendly streets. Apparently cheap compared to here. Everyone seemed friendly. Did I mention the vegan stuff?

Vector of Death Flu

Everyone around me is getting sick. Massive vomiting and diarrhea. I've been safe so far. I think I tracked the source of the illness.



Last week as we were getting ready for work, Brian asked me, "Now that everything is falling apart, what is your plan?" My first thought was that by everything he meant the state of our climate and politics. I initially answered, "Move to Canada." However, I keep thinking about the consequences of trying to extract oil from the tar sands, soo perhaps Malmö, Sweden is a better place to go. (Photo from BBC)


Radioactive Tofu

During my trip to Whistler this summer we stopped for food in some podunk canadian town on the way up. While the meat eaters ate BK, I got some mystery tofu from the chinese restaurant next door. Wow that's red and oily!

Yea.. I didn't eat much of it.

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