Tmux Startup and Attach Wrapper Script

A nice feature of tmux is the support it has for scripting. It's possible to open a manipulate windows in a session you not attached to. The same script can be used from within a tmux session as well. See my blog post for an example of such a script.

The script below is what I use to start working everyday. I just sit down and type 'tmuxgo', and whether I simply detached the night before or had a power outage I will have just the window layout I want.


My tmux.conf

Have you switched from screen to tmux yet? Why not? You don't use either? How the hell do you do your job?

Here's my .tmux.conf. Big woop.


bind | split-window -h


Use tmux to simultaneously control multiple servers

Sometimes you need to make a change on several identical machines all at once. Sure you could use a tool like func or dsh or whatever, but sometimes it may be easier to use an interactive session. Maybe you are talking to numerous switches or routers and just want to issue some status queries simultaneously.

This script uses tmux to login to as many servers as you want and tile them all in the same window.



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