Upgrade TiVo Premiere XL to 2TB and 317 hours of HD

Upgrading a TiVo Premiere or Premiere XL to 2TB and 317 hours of space is quite easy thanks to the jmfs tool by Comer of the TiVo Community. So I upgraded last week. It took 7 hours just to copy the data, but it was worth it. My TiVo went from always on the edge of full to 48%!

Here is how to do it without a CDROM drive or Windows machine.


Testing forums for TV Party planning

I thought I would play with the idea of setting up a forum for us to discuss our regular TV Party plans.

It's restricted to only authenticated users. Of course anyone can create an account at the moment.

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TV Party Review

Amazing Race / Survivor TV Party was burrito themed at C & B's tonight. Complete wtih margarita cupcakes and margaritas.

Frosti didn't see it coming...

(Cupcakes pictured are an approximation of the real cupcakes.)

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