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Build a Bicycle Trailer from Electrical Conduit Tubing

I recently took a trailer building class from the UC Davis Craft Center. We built a bicycle trailer out of 1/2" electical coinduit pipe. Based off the "flatsy" trailer from Community Bike Cart Design. Each of us did things a little bit differently, here is how I built mine.


Tahoe Rim to Flume Trail Shuttle

I had an awesome (and painful) day riding the Tahoe Rim Trail from Tahoe Meadows down Marlette Lake where we had lunch. Then up the Flume Trail and finally down Tunnel Creek to our shuttle truck on Saturday. About 5 hours and 25 miles. Thanks to Myke, Nate, Steve, and Sean for making it an awesome day!


The Tall Bike Project Begins

Well, I have 2 frames now. Thanks to the embattled Bike Church. I found a frame just like the complete junker I had sitting in the garage. Now I need to connect them.

I've seen different designs that join the head tubes and then join a long steering tube inside. Joining the head tubes seems much wiser than just the steering tube.


I'm Learning to Weld

I started taking a welding class 2 Thursdays ago. My plan is to buildz me a tall bike once I get some mad skillz!


Great Day of Riding

Went up to Auburn to shuttle with Myke and Steve Sunday. It was an awesome day. I think we got 7 runs in. Myke flatted at the very end, but no other mechanicals.


Davis Almost World Record Bike Parade

We went to the 2008 Davis World's Largest Bicycle Parade attempt. We needed to break 1901, but only got about 1838. You better help out next year!


Crowded Shuttles


It's a 2002 and a Half

Sean and I rode the clementine loop yesterday. It was a wonderful sunny day. I noticed a couple loads of youngsters doing shuttles and that combined with my performance last week while riding the same trail with Sean and Myke made me feel a bit old.

One of the kids said "That's an old Bullit". I replied "It's a 2002.... and a half.".


Back On The Bike

I haven't been out riding since our Whistler trip in August after I hurt my wrists and my buddy Sean fubared his knee. Well no more.


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