Tea and Knitting Season

Just this weekend it was over 100 degrees, and today it was quite comfortable. Tonight on the dog walk it was actually very cool. The cool air and the sound of the wind are making me nostalgic for fall and the dark rainy winter.

My Third Knit Cap

I finally finished knitting my third cap. I started it back in April when I was visiting Portland. I used this pattern again, and I also stuck with the 2nd Time recycled cotton yarn.


Teddy Bear Knit from Lead

Teddy Bear Knit from Lead

We were in Indy last week and stopped by the Mass Ave. Knit Shop (which is on Virginia Ave. BTW) and saw a flier for the Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting exhibit at the Indiana State Museum.


My Second Knit Cap

I knit my second cap as a gift for my friend Ellis. I used 2nd Time recycled cotton yarn.

Some people prefer to drop the rib and go back to stockenette when they begin decreasing. I like to try to carry the rib all the way to the peak, but it makes it a bit more of a challenge.


Knit Doggie Sweater

I started knitting a doggie sweater last week. You can tell Thor can't wait to
try it on. I'm afraid it may wind up being a little too large and I may have
to force Cheech to wear it.


Finer Things Club

Well Dale and I have started the finer things club here in the Systems department. We bring in our knitting and have our fancy dishes (note the bowl in the foreground) to use for our lunches. That's me knitting a scarf for my Uncle.


Stitch N' Bitch Sequestration

Jill's having a stitch n' bitch tonight, so I'm confined to the bedroom listening to the Nevada Democratic debate on XM and being frustrated with Drupal.

That's me over there knitting my first bar rag. It's not a dish rag because I use it to set my gin bottle on.


My First Knit Cap

I knit my first hat a couple of weeks ago. It's 2nd Time 75% recycled Cotton. So far I've also made a scarf and two dish towels. :)


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